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SOMEONE who grows cultivated garlic recently challenged me with his sulfite content. Okay, I admit, his garlic IS bigger. HOWEVER, in reliable studies, wild garlic has been shown to have nearly five times the beneficial sulphurous compounds that cultivated garlic habits. Wild garlic takes on the attributes of the environment in which it is raised. Terroir. It is all that the land, climate and weather naturally bring to the art and science of growing things. In Georgia, we have the base elements for perfect onion “terroir”. Just look at those gorgeous Vidalias. People hankering after them by the bag! I’m just saying….

Perhaps the greatest challenge is what to do with so much wild garlic! As the locavores would suggest, when in season, use it.

A great “wild and green” chef shared a secret recipe, suggesting that the key to wild garlic is slicing it whole, like an onion, in thin little slices. For dressing or marinade, place 3-6 sliced wild garlic cloves in 2 T. of cider or White Hills Farm Herb Vinegar and allow to “marry” for 5 minutes. Then, whisk in 3 T. of good olive oil and, Voila! Dress salads, vegetables and marinate meats with a healthful, seasonal punch. Go wild!