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Class- Tea Feb 10- Brewing tea

02/10/2024 10:30 am
02/10/2024 12:00 pm
1419 Fort Creek Rd, Dearing, GA 30808   View map


Week 3- Feb 10- Brewing tea

This week will focus on green tea, white tea, and oolong. What happens when you brew tea at different temperatures? Can you steep tea more than once? This week will be about discovering the perfect way to brew your favorite tea.

Let’s explore the world of tea! Where did it originate? How and why did it spread all over the world? What plant does it come from? Throughout this 4 week series we’ll be tasting and learning about different varieties of tea, how and why to steep tea, differences in taste/texture/smell, tea classification, and more! If you love tea and want to try many new types of tea, and explore their differences,  come learn with me in the cozy lavender shoppe this winter.  You can sign up for an individual class or the whole series.  Each class will build upon the previous class.


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