July 8, Best Pesto Methods

by | Jul 3, 2016

Our mini-classes this summer have been so much fun! We have especially enjoyed the teachers who have come out to PLAY. No surprise that teachers enjoy learning and creating, even during the summer!

This Friday, we will have a special tour option that takes you around the farm, guided by our granddaughters, El and Kess. They love being a part of what goes on and are great guides. Our 10:45 a.m. herb walk, will feature pesto-making herbs.

Preorder a Friday picnic by noon on Thursday, by calling 706-595-5081, $8.50 per person.

Pesto making will be on the docket for our demonstration at 1:00 p.m.. Then, make your own pesto in our mini-class at 1:30! Mini-class, $5.

Lavender, and many other herbal products are available in our farm store.

Come on out to the Farm!