Relativity. You know, some days you, well, give up. You’ve had it with those opposing internal arguments. You’ve scrapped with them long enough. You throw them in their corners, tell them to stay in their rooms for awhile until they can get along, put them in time out, untidy, niggling internal evaluations.

For example, the head game you play about multiple coffeehouse lattes without a thought vs. same shake of change and two days deliberation over breaking loose with the bucks for a gallon of organic milk. Not that you must choose. Not that there is a “right” thing. Take the independent research that NPR broadcast today about organic whole milk having greater than 60% more active omega three fatty acids than the same non-organic milk. Okay, I turned up the radio. I knew it would find an evidence base, I thought. I slapped the steering wheel. Let the information find a peaceable place within you, I told myself. Don’t go out campaigning with this fantastic new pro-organics evidence or worse generalize the organic milk information without substantiation. Slap-my-own-hand.

After all, we all have to have a little latte splurge, now and then. And, who can drink organic whole milk all the time without piling on the calories?

What? Yes. Oh, yes. Uh, huh. I’ll take a Green Tea Frappucino, with just a little organic whipped cream, please. Spring 025