Just talkin'

Just talkin’

The deepest insights and blessings arrive by way of encounters, incidental or fated, unmediated by social devices and machinery. We committed to being open on Fridays to share our farm and its successes and disasters with folks who wanted an experiential visit to a little lavender farm. As is often the case, we have been given much in the sharing! We have met so many interesting and wonderful people this summer.

As our fresh lavender season winds up, we will be demonstrating the “sweet things” that may be created by including lavender in baking. Come on out to our demo event this Friday at 11 AM! Lavender cookies, lavender simple sugar uses and instructions, and a “how-to”, hands-on, lavender preparation for use in baking will be included.

Okay, really, there are only a few bundles of lavender left in the field. $7 cash and carry, LAST WEEK!


White Hills Farm
1419 Fort Creek Rd.
Dearing, GA 30808