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The Art of Infusion

The Art of Infusion

We are loving our Farm Fridays! What a great crowd last week, all picking lavender bouquets, gorgeous wild garlic bulbils and making basil top dressing with us. Lavender is such a multi-talented June dancer. She feeds the bees, paints the field and offers amazing calming esters with the pinch of a single bud. And, yes, there are still a few bouquets to be had. We will be harvesting long stem for those who missed us last week.

Our 11:00 demonstration this week will be a real introduction to herbal oil infusions. A formulaic approach to farm grown materials and an informed knowledge of carrier oils make for the best and most consistent infusions. Comfrey and Lavender will be prepared and packed on the spot. Come out and see infusion at work!

Our aromatherapy oils, balms, soaps and culinary lavender and herb blends will be available for sale. Bouquets, first come, first serve. You pick garlic, all you can pull, $5! All sales, cash or check and carry.

Summer Wedding Blended Bouquets!

Summer Wedding Blended Bouquets!

See you Friday!

Lisa Kessler
White Hills Farm
1419 Fort Creek Rd.
Dearing, GA 30808


Sitting on the porch that is the definition of home-grown comfort, Amy brought out a dish of pecans to snack on with our lavender iced tea. The pecans were sweet with a hint of salt and ... smoked! (Patrick throws a lot of stuff on the grill and in the smoker and the results are always spectacular.) The pecans were like heaven.

Between the lavender everywhere, the porch, the view, the company, and the pecans, we might just as well have been in heaven.

Jan Perry

You'll want to go back again and again!

Among the gardens and 100-year-old farm house is a picturesque red barn where Amy and Patrick not only sell their merchandise but also entertain and/or put on workshops. I have had the pleasure of attending several of these events ranging from cookie making, to lavender harvesting and arranging, to yoga classes.

I am always looking for what they have available because once you experience the sheer beauty and peaceful feel of White Hills Farm you too will want to go back again and again.

Audrey Doyle

For me, it's a place tied to fond memories

White Hills Farm is the perfect backdrop for any occasion -- it has this way of enveloping and elevating meaningful celebrations. For me, it's a place tied to fond memories and an eagerness to return. Year round, its something to behold, a slice of heaven run by the best of people.

Allison Vrtachnik