Cooking Classes with Sarah Weimar

Date – Saturday, October 3rd, 2020

Time – 10 AM – 1 PM

Location – White Hills Farm, 1419 Fort Creek Road, Dearing, GA, 30808

Cost – $75 per person

Please Bring – a 11×14 deep baking dish (can be a cast iron skillet or a dutch oven or a glass baking dish); a cooler to transport your prepared chicken home to roast (packed with ice or frozen ice packs)


This class will be led by Sarah Weimar, an Augusta local, and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) – in training who is teaching local cooking classes. She is passionate to educate people in her community about the benefits of eating properly prepared, nutrient dense whole foods, sourcing as much of it within the local or regional foodshed as she can. While using nutritional therapy to address an autoimmune disease, she has developed a love for equipping others with skills and education around food, and creating joyful experiences of community in the kitchen. Get in touch with Sarah on her website The Commonwealth Kitchen; Workshops & Classes


Sarah says,

      “I spent years avoiding cooking a whole chicken. It seemed laborious and intimidating. But now, slow roasting a chicken is part of my weekly rhythm, and one my whole family looks forward to! It adds an air of festivity to a weekday table. It is delicious, nutritious and reliable. It can be stretched beyond a single meal and it becomes a delightful centerpiece at a dinner party.

      If slow roasting a whole bird sounds intimidating, please join this immersion style class and enjoy good company as I walk you through          ingredients and method.

      After each attendant has prepared their chicken, we will enjoy some water, tea or bone broth and have some discussion around pastured vs. conventional chicken; nutrient profiles; understanding store labels regarding chicken; and more!

      At the end of the class, we will carve a chicken roasted during our class, and enjoy it for lunch with some seasonal vegetables.

     The best part? You will be home in plenty of time time to slow roast your own chicken for dinner.

     I look forward to seeing you there!”



The class includes –

– a locally raised and pastured chicken from Pig Feathers Farm, which each attendant will prepare and take home with them.

– a sample of White Hills Farm herbs, to use in class and at home.

– a print-out covering the topics discussed in class as well as the recipe for the slow roasted chicken with herbs.

– a light lunch of roasted chicken, served with seasonal vegetables; with tea, water and bone broth to sip.


Limited is seating available (10 attendants) so book your seat now!