August 19, Creating Flavor Profiles

by | Aug 16, 2016

Nature provides nutrition in a bit of this and a handful of that. A gathered diet is round with vitamins, minerals and co-nutrients. Daily additions of herbs and pot greens need not be difficult. Having herbal blends that are nutrient filled on hand, and right at the cooking block, make complex flavor and green “medicine” easy to include in your daily eats!

This week, Amy Sutter, Evans Market Director for Augusta Locally Grown, will be a featured guest at White Hills Farm. Amy has a strong background in good-sense cooking and shopping. She will be sharing her foray into using herbs and greens as additions to regular menu items for added flavor and nutrition.

Here’s the schedule!

10:30 Demonstration: Using Tuscan Herbs to enhance appetizers and preludes!
Samplings, pesto and herb blends.

11:15 Make Tuscan Herb Blend in a mini-class with Amy, $5.

Store is open this week from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.. Come on out to the Farm!!


White Hills Farm
1419 Fort Creek Rd.
Dearing, GA 30808